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Since I am absolutely awful at even remembering to log in here, I've made a cosplay page over on Facebook, and it's where most of my old and new pics (of greater quantity are kept).…
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Alright guys, here's the deal: I would LOVELOVELOVE to cosplay Gem from Tron: Legacy at Dragon*Con 2012 with my friend as Quorra (see here:; the white one's Gem). The problem is, I KNOW I don't have the technical ability to pull of a costume of this caliber. And I would love it to be incredible.

Does anyone out there in the wide Internet have any pointers, recommendations, etc. for how to pull off this costume (who to try to hit up for commissions, etc?) I will love you forever!! :3
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It's been a crazy last 6-months, but tangibletenacity (mostly her, to be honest :P) and I managed to pull off some truly fantastic undertakings. Our Sucker Punch costumes were well-received at Anime Boston, and I'm looking forward to wearing Sweet Pea again for Otakon and Dragon*Con later on this summer!

Also, we managed to work out time for a photoshoot with our favorite photographer AydenGracePhoto for our giant Sailor Moon group (now with 10 members!). Some of those pics are coming in now and they just look GREAT.

Coming up, tangibletenacity and myself will be cosplaying Bleach (10th squad, <3!) and then at SOME point, I'll be premiering my new Sheryl Nome costume. But first, I have to move into my new apartment, get settled, and unpack :P
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tangibletenacity and myself have started a group showcasing the 9-person Sailor Moon cosplay group of which we're a part. Check it out if you want to see some lovely costumes, people, and pictures. (Oh, and a fair amount of outtake shots, and what-not >.<)

Group is :iconlasoldiercosplay:
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Otakon was a blast. I wore the lovely tangibletenacity's Kaorinite costume on Friday, and Super Sailor Uranus on Saturday, and then plain clothes on Sunday for a much needed break (from the heels! Those awful heels!!)

And of course, there is now talk for the future.

Katsucon will most likely NOT be happening for me, because of awkwardness with my school's traditions, so I'm considering other cons as back-up. Thus far, it sounds like Anime USA in November and then Anime Boston in April will be a pretty good plan.

As for cosplay,tangibletenacity, myself, and 2 others will be attempting Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats. Anyone have any broken Guitar Hero guitars?
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So, here we go! DA revamp, begin!!

I've been mostly a lurker posting only the occasional emo poetry and artwork from middle and high school. But, now, is srs bzns tiems.

Long story short, with the talent of tangibletenacity and NocturnAlice66, I had my first REAL cosplay experience (as Sailor Uranus) in a 9 person (crazy~) group. It was loads of fun, I learned "a lot" about costume making, and learned (most importantly!) that I know NOTHING about costume construction.

My future plans involve wearing more of my Uranus costume, as well as attempting Kaorinite (Sailor Moon) for Otakon '10 as well as Marie Mjolnir (Soul Eater) and Riza Hawkeye (FMA)  for Katsucon '11. We'll see how that goes.
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